Linked Organizations

Guastamacchia is a member of several organizations such as AICARR (Italian air conditioning companies association), ASSITAL (Italian association of technological systems building companies), ASSINDUSTRIA (Italian industrial entrepreneurs organization) UNI (Italian Organization for Standardization) and CEI (Italian organization for standardization in the electro-technical sector). The company also fosters technical and cultural exchanges with other high-level companies.

Guastamacchia believes that both the employees’ knowledge and the company’s competitiveness can be enhanced by joining forces with other companies and organizations; hence the company encourages its employees to join organizations which operate in their field, such as HR related organizations, techno-scientific associations and managerial culture development organizations.

Finally, Guastamacchia also believes that its know-how can contribute to the cultural growth of future specialists in its sector, so it keeps good relations with technical high-schools: its employees often hold courses or lead internships for students in order to bring the school experience closer to the technological industry scene.

The company cooperates with several scientific departments of the University of Bari by offering internships to its students.

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